Happy Yarn Emote Plush


A few weeks ago, I turned our little happy emote into an ami! It came out super cute and I’ll be making the rest of them as well. Hope you enjoy and happy crafting!

Happy Yarn Emote


  • worsted weight yarn
  • 3.5 mm hook
  • yarn needle
  • needle felting wool
  • felting needle


  • magic circle (mc)
  • SC
  • slip stitch


Worked in the round.

1. MC, 6sc inside. Pull closed.
2. Inc in each stitch around.
3. (Inc, sc) Repeat to end.
4. (Inc, sc x 2) Repeat to end.
5. (Inc, sc x 3) Repeat to end.
6. (Inc, sc x 4) Repeat to end.
7. – 19. SC in each stitch around (13 rows)
Begin stuffing.
20. (SC x 4, dec) Repeat to end.
21. (SC x 3, dec) Repeat to end.
22. (SC x 2, dec) Repeat to end.
23. (SC, dec) Repeat to end.
FO and sew in ends.

Skein Wrapper
1. Ch. 11. SC in the 2nd chain from the hook and each across. Ch. 1. Turn.
2. – 41. SC in each stitch across. Ch. 1. Turn.
42. Make sure that your wrapper fits around your skein nicely. SC in each stitch around the border of the piece {(sc, ch1, sc) in the corners}.When you come back to the top, stitch through both ends together, making your wrapper a cylinder.
FO and sew in ends.

Face Details
I felted the face details on with wool and felting needles. You could also use acryllic yarn pulled on wire brush.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see your little happy skeins!


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