Home is Where Your Hearthstone Is

At the beginning of my AHA journey, I started a lot of my own patterns as nerdy little kitty toys. While I learned the proper ways to make amis, I also honed my skills in shape building and detail work. Plus there was the extra special bonus of seeing my girls get super excited to play with their new toys.

As time went on, I moved on to larger projects and my little kitty toys slipped into the distance. With the onset of Christmas, I always get a few orders for them here and there, and this year was no different. I found that the pattern needed a bit of an update and here we are 😀

HearthStone Pattern


  • Worsted Weight Yarn in grey and light blue
  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • fiber fill
  • yarn needle
  • catnip (optional)


  • SC – single crochet
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • inc – 2 sc in the same stitch
  • dec – 2 sc brought together as one

Worked in the Round. Keep in mind that we want our stitches to be pretty tight so no stuffing or catnip escapes. Eating yarn and stuffing is pretty dangerous, so we want to make absolutely sure that everything is secure. If your stitches are too open, go down a hook size to achieve a holeless look.

Rnd 1 – mc, sc x 6 (6)
Rnd 2 – inc x 6 (12)
Rnd 3 – (sc, inc) x 6 (18)
Rnd 4 – (sc x 2, inc) x 6 (24)
Rnd 5 – (sc x 3, inc) x 6 (30)
Rnd 6 – (sc x 4, inc) x 6 (36)
Rnds 7-9 – sc in each stitch (36)
Rnd 10 – (sc, x 4, dec) x 6 (30)
Rnd 11 – sc in each stitch around (30)
Rnd 12 – (sc x 3, dec) x 6 (24)
Rnd 13 – sc in each stitch around (24)
Begin stuffing and add your catnip.
Rnd 14 – (sc x 2, dec) x 6 (18)
Rnd 15 – sc in each stitch around (18)
Rnd 16 – (sc, dec) x 6 (12)
Rnd 17 – dec x 6 (6)
FO and stitch hole together.

Blue Swirl
Ch. 20, sl st in the 2nd chain from the hook. Sl st x 8, sc x 5, sl st x 5. FO

Sew your swirl to the top of your stone, making sure to make it secure as possible if you’re making it as a cat toy. We don’t want our kitties to get any yarn loose.

Voila! You can come home with just a little click! Happy Stitching!

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