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Baking for Bunnies!

Last Summer we went in to pet the bunnies at our local pet store and I fell in love with a tiny little floofball. I’ll be honest, I wanted her brother, but I also wanted a little baby girl. And Tula was the prettiest little thing. She was all fur and ears and teeny tiny.


A few months later, we adopted a teeny tiny Ryelie bunny and discovered that Tula was in fact, a little boy! OOPS! The pet store had been wrong about his gender and my little Princess was my little Prince. Sometimes we still call him our little Princess haha. When you get a bunny from a pet store, they generally just say “they are 8-10 weeks old” Which meant that Tula was born sometime in the February to March range. So, in overly ridiculous, extra fashion, I picked Valentine’s Day as his birthday.

I knew that I wanted to make him a little birthday cake. I mean, how adorable would that be?! But also, I adore him and I love cake! So, I set to looking for recipes for bunny cake and found only a simple few. So, I combined that knowledge and all of his favorite things and came up with my own cake. It ended up being pretty easy and took about half an hour from start to taking photos. I didn’t expect them to like it nearly as much as they did, but I brought a taster spoon down to test the “batter” and Tula, quite literally, took the spoon and ran off with it. Bunny cake success!


I tried to keep the sugar content relatively low, but that’s hard when bunny favorites are bananas. Overall, it’s mostly hay and pellets so, still ok for a once a year treat. And before any other bun parents worry, they didn’t get to eat the whole cake.


Ingredients for everything. Tula LOVES flowers. They are his favorite (well, minus bananas – but every bunny loves bananas).  So, when I found the Food From the Wild snacks, it was perfect.  It’s available on amazon here.


Your “batter” should resemble cookie dough in texture. If it’s too wet, you can add more pellets and hay, and if it’s too dry, you can add some more banana. 


I used parchment paper to press and roll out the “dough” to cut it into shapes.  Once you mash it all together with your fingers, you can fold it in two with the paper and roll it flat like that. That way you also don’t dirty your rolling pin.


Tula got heart shaped cakes because his birthday is Valentine’s day. Any kind of cookie cutters would probably work just fine. If you’re using the ones that press an image into the cookie as well, you might want to make them thicker, though I don’t know how well the results will come out.


The face you make when you realize that you’re making a cake for a bunny! I was so excited and I sat there like a little kid watching them bake. I wasn’t sure how long they needed to be in there and started with 5 minutes. Turned out pretty perfectly.


Once your cakes are cool and your icing is ready, you can ice and decorate them. I put some of the flower petal mixture in between each layer and then decorated the plated with it. Then for the top added in edible flowers. You can usually find those in the fresh herbs section of your grocery store. If not, those are marigolds (one of Tula’s favorites) and a pansy for the top. Dandelions would also be a good choice. Just make sure that any flowers you get haven’t been sprayed with any kind of pesticide or fertilizer.

Some other, non flower, bunny favorites in this house include Dill, parsley, kale, and spinach.


That’s a happy boy! I really didn’t think they’d like it as much as they did or that it would come out so cute. I’m absolutely thrilled with how it came out and excited to make one for Ryelie in a couple months.

Happy Baking!

Bunny Cake


  • 1 cup rabbit pellets
  • 1 banana
  • hay (maybe a handful) 


  • 1 banana
  • 2 strawberries
  • handful of pellets and hay


  1. Put your pellets, hay, and banana into your blender and mix until they resemble a cookie dough consistency. If it’s too dry, add more banana and if it’s too wet, add more pellets and/or hay.
  2. Dump your mixture onto parchment paper (honestly, paper towels would probably work just fine too). Press it together with your fingers and then fold the paper over the top and roll it out so it’s flat. Keep in mind that your cakes won’t rise, so, the thickness you roll it to will be the thickness of the cakes themselves. Cut your cakes into the shapes you’d like. I used heart cookie cutters for Tula and then made little cookies with the leftovers for snacks later. 
  3. Bake at 350F for 5-6 minutes. You might have to adjust your time for thickness. Mine were about 3/4 inch thick. Thinner ones would take less time. You’re cakes will be a little crumbly, so gently pick them up and place them on a plate to cool.
  4. Mix your banana and strawberries in the mixer, then add hay and pellets until you have a consistency that you like. The more hay and pellets, the browner it’s going to look, but bunny will love it anyway. After I got the consistency I wanted, I popped mine into the freezer for a couple minutes to let it stiffen up a bit so it was easier to use. 
  5. Assemble your cake and decorate as you please with bunnies favorite snacks.Voila! You have a bunny cake!

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