Stocking Stuffers!



Need a nice little gift for the stocking of a crafter or maybe for a Secret Santa present? These pretty little ornaments come together quickly and are super budget friendly. Mine worked up for about 10 dollars, including the snow!

Materials Needed

  • 3 bon bon size yarns ( I used Paintbox Mini balls from LoveCrochet )
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Plastic ornament globe (available at Michaels stores)
  • Snow filler



It might take a little fine tuning to get your bon bons in the globe just right. I recommend starting with a little bit of snow, in one side of the globe, then place your bon bons as you’d like, holding the globe in your palm like a bowl. Add some more snow to the other side and carefully place them together. For extra safety, I’d use a little piece of clear wrapping tape to secure the sides together on the bottom.

Tie your bow and attach to the top with an ornament hanger and Voila!




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