Temperature Scarf



I’ve had my eye on making a temperature blanket for a few years now, but the reality is that I wouldn’t keep up with it. So, unless I want 10 years of January – March temperatures (if we’re lucky), I think we should switch tactics.

Enter 2018! Jennuh, from Jennuh Stitches mentioned that she was making a temperature scarf – that, I can do!

That being said, we’re still going to take extra precautions to keep up with this. I’ll only be working on the scarf on stream at the beginning of Sub Hat Sunday streams.


Want to join in on the scarf? The colors I’ll be using are all Paintbox aran. You can find it here.

The color list is

  • Rose Red (213)
  • Seville Orange (218)
  • Buttercup Yellow (222)
  • Neon Green (259)
  • Marine Blue (233)
  • Pansy Purple (247)
  • Neon Pink (256)
  • Paper White (200)



  • 4mm hook
  • 8 yarn colors of your choice


Ch. 41
Row 1 – SC into the 2nd chain from the hook. Ch. 1. *SC into the next stitch. Ch. 1* Repeat to the end, leaving off the last ch. 1.
Rows 2 -365 – *Ch. 1. SC in the ch. 1 space from the previous row.* Repeat to end.

Happy Stitching!


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