August Sub Hat Update

As of July 2018, our amazing Twitch community had built up a sub hat list of 175 (minus the ones that I had already mailed out). So, to get those knocked out, I promised to make 1 hat per day, starting August 1st. I’m proud to say that we’ve reached 38 hats in August! You all also added like 30 more hats this month, but I’ll keep making them as long as I can!

I’ve had so many people offer to help, and while I super, super appreciate that, I’m encouraging those to send their own hats to charities nearby! I pledge to do these and I will finish them, as promised, and excitedly.


Because there are so very many to do, I hit the sale at Joanns last month and picked up 14 skeins of Hometown USA – a nice and thick, soft acrylic yarn that will work up in a hat (for me) in about 20 minutes.  Each skein gets me about 2, so that’s a pretty decent chunk of hats in no time!

The pattern I’ve been working for the hometown USA is really simple and can be made with any chunky yarn and a 6 mm hook.

0-3 Months Chunky Baby Beanie


  • chunky yarn
  • 6 mm hook
  • yarn needle


  • magic circle
  • DC
  • slip stitch

Start each row with a ch. 2 and end with a slip stitch into the first DC (not the chain)

  1. Make a magic circle. Ch 2. 10 DC inside the circle. Pull closed.
  2. Inc in each stitch around.
  3. (Inc, DC) Repeat all around.
  4. – 9. DC in each stitch all around.
    FO and weave in ends!

Your hat should measure 4.25″ – 4.5″ across (diameter) at the end of row 3 and be 5″ – 5.5″ tall at the end of row 9. 

Happy Crafting! Thank you all for your amazing generosity! You’ve overwhelmed me in all the best way and I can’t wait to see what kinds of wonderful things we can accomplish together!


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