An Update on the Coronavirus and A Hare Affair

As we look over our timelines and news feeds, it’s hard to get away from the pandemic we’re all facing. As I will be sending out several items this week, I wanted to go ahead and make an announcement for the peace of mind of my customers and friends, but also myself.

No one in this household has been exposed to the virus or anyone that might have been exposed. We’re already taking measures, both personally and at work, to keep ourselves safe.

Hygiene and allergen exposure was already a priority of the A Hare Affair brand, but as things progress, I’ll be taking extra measures where I can to help customers feel comfortable with any products that are sent from this house. Items are already made and stored away from pets in a smoke free home. As many other people are experiencing, our stores are largely out of stock of disinfecting products. As they become available, I’ll be purchasing Lysol to spray down all items before they leave, as an extra precaution. In the mean time, everything will be sprayed or wiped with rubbing alcohol before being packaged and then mailed via the automated machines at the post office to also cut down on human contact.

While the risk is already low, placing these extra measures in place will help with my own peace of mind, making sure that anyone who receives a product has the best chance of safety.

I know that the current circumstances can quickly become overwhelming and scary to deal with. I hope that you are all doing well and staying safe. It will take the efforts of all of us combined to make these quarantine measures effective and productive. Good luck out there friends!

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